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The Indonesian rainforest and palm oil issue

  • Par moodd
  • Le 11/06/2017

Teacher in a french primary school (grades 3-4), I recently used the documentary movie Before the flood in class to present certain environmental topics that I have studied this year (climate change, protection of the environment, oceans and food). I found this movie was very educational and easy to use in class with from 8 to 10 years old pupils. They are too young to see the whole movie, but I showed them some chosen extracts, and they just hit it off. I conceived worksheets of educational exploitation of the movie. The class sessions really worked well and, within the framework of the European week of the sustainable development , the children presented themselves the activity in the other classes of the school to make their friends aware of the palm oil issue and to promote the sustainable development.

In class, we made a sustainable snack without palm oil, to show it's possible. Now, they are convinced of the need to ban palm oil from their snacks.

Btf palmoil 01

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